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Writing one off

Looks like I’m going to have to give up on getting ‘The Odd Machine‘ into iBookstore and Barnes & Noble. I’ve done everything the publishers asked, and the bloody thing still keeps on getting chucked back at me for the same reasons.

‘Change your metadata’ is all I could get out of support, which is about as much help as a slap in the face with a rotten Sardine. Even after asking “How is the metadata accessed?” Because I made all the requested changes where I could, and still my eBook kept getting rejected for the same ‘reasons’.

Well I’m writing ‘The Odd Machine’ off as far as iBookstore and Barnes & Noble are concerned. You can get to the point where something wastes so much of your time it gets in the way of new projects. I’ll just have to chalk this one up to experience and hope that particular eBook gets noticed via the blog.

To be honest it’s left me a little disenchanted and annoyed. I hate people who won’t give you a straight answer to a simple question, instead beating around the bush and hiding their response with jargon they won’t explain, and probably don’t understand themselves. Bloody hell, it’s like trying to get network support to perform a simple task. For the moment I’m going to stop beating my figurative head against the metaphorical wall and go and enjoy Christmas.

I’ll try my luck with the first of the Cerberus eBooks in the new year, and if I get the same problem, change publishers.


Today I’m punting out a Novella in eBook format called ‘The Odd Machine’ (ISBN:978-1-105-24277-9). It’s a first person account of a man whose wife leaves him, supposedly over a family heirloom, then she makes false accusations which result in his arrest. Narrowly escaping imprisonment with the help of a clever young lawyer, devoted husband and father Christopher Matthews struggles to come to terms with why his wife seems to hate him so much.

As he battles to keep his young family together he faces public libel, slander, and is forced to change his name to escape persecution. Losing his livelihood and almost losing his two children to the ‘Care’ system and later a criminal gang, he discovers the real reason for his wife’s desertion in the words of his more worldly wise younger brother.

20,000 words with plenty of action and emotion for everyone. Addresses a number of very pertinent social issues and posits the question; “Who do we belong to?” A very dark and controversial tale with more than a touch of mystery.