Head of the Beast overview

On the morning of 11th November 2044, Paul Calvin is a probationary police patrol officer working the wrong side of the tracks in downtown Bristol, England. A few minutes later, his partner half vaporised and shredded by a terrorist bomb, his skull caved in, Paul is almost as good as dead. Left in a persistent vegetative state with no hope of recovery.

Yet a revolutionary stem cell treatment offers hope, bringing Paul Calvin, or at least a Paul Calvin back from oblivion. A Paul Calvin who has a whole new set of unmeasurable senses. Which bring their own issues. Like hearing the voices of the departed. Seeing the colours of peoples emotional auras. Being a highly effective detector of untruths. Then trying to live a normal life and failing.

That and the dreams. And the divorce. And being seconded to work for the Metropolitan Police, Criminal Investigative Service and Special Intelligence Services, with all the headaches working in a crowded city brings. Especially at airports. Facing the threat of media exposure and public ridicule. Not to mention the threat of having all his old cases overturned. Then there’s Marcy and Megan. And he has to save London. Never mind the sinister implications of Avalo Corporations new alternative to the death penalty. There’s a sinister plot in there somewhere, but no-one is quite sure where, and the people who know are keeping well away from his mind reading talent.

Life for a man with superhuman mental abilities should be more fun, but as far as resurrected detective constable Paul Gregory Calvin is concerned; he’d like to be a little more in control.

Take a walk on the dark side of Science Fiction ©

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