The Great Book of Everything

A comic tale of humanity, Quantum, belief, sarcasm, Hamsters and how not to save the multiverse.

Fact 1: There is only one Hamster in the world.
Fact 2: All Hamsters are quantum extensions of one creature.
Fact 3: The tin foil hatters are right, there is a global conspiracy but it’s not what you might think.
Fact 4: Squirrels are the quintessence of evil but highly inept.  They don’t work for peanuts though.

Part 1 begins here………….

Main Character list

Terry Sand:
Lives at No 43 Quarry Park Road, Cheam. Under six feet tall, skinny as a rake, wears glasses which tend to steam up at the least provocation. Often bullied. Until he got a Hamster. Specifically The Hamster.
Life’s ambition is to become a chartered accountant. Actually works as a night shift shelf stacker at local hypermarket.

Hammy Seven:
The Hamster. The quantum extension of a single multidimensional superentity.
Speaks with any accent, as what he ‘says’ goes straight into peoples head without bothering to pass through their ears.
Makes sarcastic jokes about the nature of causality, and has a lot to say about human behaviour.

Mr Silas Purl:
In a Basement with a casement lives a man called Silas Purl, talks to Squirrels as they quarrel, and he wants to rule the world. A shadowy figure who habitually wears three piece suits but doesn’t work in the city of London. Communes with Squirrels, who tell him exactly what the commodities market will do next based on the availability of Acorns. Quantum entanglement means that the availability of nuts in a specific geographical area of Sutton and Cheam exactly mirrors the behaviour of certain market commodities. Has a bad tempered white Persian cat called Wilberforce.

Terry’s best friend from School. A fellow night shelf stacker whose religion often gets in the way of his slightly geeky passion for a red headed checkout operator. Very devout, but highly inoffensive. Wears thick rimmed glasses.

Take a walk on the dark side of Science Fiction ©

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