Overview, Falling through the stars

Overview; Falling through the stars

The Gaian dream of World and Interstellar domination lie shattered in the cratered ruin that was Brussels. Arsia Mons base on Mars is buried under megatons of rock, the survivors caught in the lower levels desperately trying to dig their way out. The North American colonies are cut off from help, their small defence force of six reduced to one, their Discovery class fleet grounded by Quantum foam damage.

All the original ‘Baskerville’ fighter pilots are dead except Piers Woczek, and the hospitalised Richard Windsor. In the aftermath of victory, President Oscar Friedmann plays desperate political gambits to maintain an illusion of North American strength. Including betrayal of the people who made his surprise victory possible.

As the Technology for Subspace travel becomes more widely distributed, a loose confederation of free traders begin building their own craft, starting to trade with colonies who are angered at being left to fend for themselves against raids from Gaian Borg, and the depredations of sometimes hostile local wildlife. As this trade expands, North America takes steps to counter the blockade running free traders. As the unarmed blockade runners continually thwart armed patrols, more desperate measures are brought into play, including attempts to kidnap seceding colonists.

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