Short Stories

Authors note: All posted excerpts are rough, uncorrected text only.

A page of unpublished, published, and possibly unpublishable stories and fragments.

Links below

1. Christmas in space. A starship pilot, a rogue programmer and a seasonal surprise. @ 3800 Words

2.  Blink.  What happens when all the modern cyber conveniences fail? @ 2380 words

3.  Iron Rain.  A stealth assassination tool turns Nemesis. @7265 words

4.  Oggie.  A decommissioned Cyber-soldier finds a little redemption.  @ 5300words  Submitted to Inkkitt ‘Beyond Time’ contest 23rd July 2015  Link to entry here.

5. Restoration. Not sci-fi, but paranormal content this time. A Country House ghost story where the restoration of an old picture affects both past and present. @5250 words. Submitted to Inkitt’s ‘Shiver’ Paranormal short story competition 27th July 2015. Link to entry when approved.

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