Published works

Current and forthcoming works in print and eBook format:

Cerberus Conspiracy
Head of the Beast Kindle eBook edition.
A Falling of Angels eBook available via

Stars Trilogy
Updated eBook
The Sky full of stars – On sale now. CAD$3.99
Updated eBook
Falling through the stars – On Sale now. CAD$3.99
And the final volume; First edition eBook
Darkness between the Stars – Work in progress. Estimated draft MSS May 2020.

The Cat Tree and other stories
A collection of supernatural short stories; October 2019 awaiting final hardback proof total 41,700 words. Hardback release November 2019, eBook release January 2020.

Not from here
A collection of science fiction and fantasy tales. Current status; ongoing.

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  1. Lulu – easy to use, and their free ‘extended reach’ will get you listed on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. For eBooks they will get you on to iBookstore as well. Kindle, as far as I’m aware, try to lock you into an ‘Amazon only’ distribution agreement. Which I find limiting.

    Not so sure about the ease of use on Kindle though, although as far as user friendliness is concerned, Createspace, Kindle, Lulu, Kobo’s Writerslife and all the others seem much of a muchness.


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