Overview, The Sky Full of Stars

A overview for “The Sky Full of Stars”. First volume of the ‘Stars’ trilogy.

The worst has finally happened. In the mid 2050’s a combination of low solar activity and a Middle eastern Nuclear war has left the world fragmented and in the grip of a mini ice age. Europe has become a tyrannical Theocratic State, where dissent is punished by the ruling Gaian elite by ‘recycling’ on a scale making the horror of WWII death camps pale into insignificance.

Crushed in the newly formed mini ice age, North America and Canada have shrunk into the United States and Provinces of North America, internationally isolated and militarily weakened by successive administrations, much of their once plentiful resources locked up in the spreading permafrost. Parts of the old Union and Canada begin seceding after natural (and unnatural) disasters and North American Administrative failures to help isolates them. Leading this flight to independence are a trifecta of North Western cities; Seattle, Vancouver, and Nanaimo.

In what was almost the last gasp of space exploration, the holy grails of Nuclear Fusion and an Interstellar Drive are finally discovered and made to work. Suddenly, the worlds balance of power makes a seismic shift. Nations vie for power and influence with the newly resurgent North America. War threatens the homecoming of the victorious astronauts. Potential colonists and explorers look to the future, and under the constant threat of war on Earth, some make a new start on several Earthlike worlds, suffering raids from the unfriendly Gaians, and economic exploitation from the newly resource rich Union of North America.

Following the converging and crisscrossing storylines of several major key characters, ‘The Sky Full of Stars’ tells of escape, assassination, success, kidnap, murder, a terrestrial war that spills out into the stars, and betrayal on a canvas spanning almost a decade and the Orion spur of the Milky Way.

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