Four thousand word a day challenge; day seven

This is bloody hard work, and I’m flagging a bit. Still, the scores on the doors are;
Start: 44841
Finish: 49010
Total words for the day: 4169
Seven day average: 4096 words a day.

All this and a day job too. Seven more days to run before I have to start proofing and reviewing for submission on the 1st or 2nd of October. Five of which will be split between employer and Cerberus.

The story so far is good, with my hero about to go and play directly with the big boys. Am only hinting at who the villains might be so far, as there are three possible endings I want to try out. All three of which are partial cliffhangers for the next in the series, which I am going to have at least a weeks rest before even thinking about attacking. I might take a fresh look at the ‘Darkness’ MSS. There’s another marathon to run if it’s to be ready for launch in late April.