Four thousand word a day challenge; day six

Cerberus Conspiracy MSS progress

Start word count: 40648
Finish: 44841
Daily total: 4193
Total over six days: 24503
Average over 6 days: 4083.33 words per day. Comfortably on track and feeling fairly pleased with my output so far. As Angie puts it, I’m ‘in the zone’ with nine days to go before denouement followed by final edit and proof checking before submission.

Short interlude piece before the ramifications of the last chapter begin to play out, and I’ve tossed the odd clue as to the identity of the true villains into the mix. Just a hint, but enough for the diligent reader to connect one specific thread. Doesn’t pay to give the game away too early.

Have thrown in a few good lines for one of my female characters which should have any female reader thinking “Uh-huh.” and having a good giggle. Angie thought one specific saying was absolutely hilarious. She’s told me to watch out as it may come back to bite me. No doubt she will be proved correct.

That’s enough for tonight. We’ve done everything we set out to do today and then some. I’m good and tired enough to sleep soundly tonight. Working late shift tomorrow, so that leaves me the best part of the day to ratchet the story forward another couple of notches.