A Falling of Angels plotline

After recent current events, I’ve decided to revise the plot for the forthcoming Paul Calvin story, ‘A Falling of Angels’.

Rogue Government security operatives are indulging in wholesale theft and market manipulation driving money markets into chaos. Using their universal data access these unaccountables are committing massive stock / money market fraud and information theft.

One time security service consultant and serving Police Officer Paul Calvin, now an outsider, tries to investigate the thefts as they affect those around him. At every turn in his enquiries he is rebuffed. In the process he is discredited, even arrested. After which he escapes, narrowly dodging assassination, and with the help of an informer become friend hacks into the data centre and thwarts the thieves by turning the monitoring software in upon itself. Administration implicated.

Simple plot. Hero wins the day. Love triumphant. Bad guys arrested (But to his frustration, given light sentences). Suspense element; who was behind them?

It’s got the lot; Killer drones, renegade Police telepath on the side of justice. Serious insider bad guys who seem untouchable. I like it. 30,000 words down, 50,000 to go.