While waiting on Kobo to do their thing…..

While in Stratford we’ve logged on to a secure (ish) Internet connection, NSA & GCHQ surveillance (It’s for your own good-honestly.  Yeah.  Right.) notwithstanding, I’ve felt confident enough to email the Kobo people my bank transfer details to set up that part of my profile before the Kobo editions of ‘Sky’, ‘Falling’ and ‘Head of the beast’ are uploaded.

Two observations on traveling in the UK.

Firstly; Costa coffee is an essential to life, the universe and sanity(Yay! They serve cream!).  Tried all the rest, and I’m afraid Costa have you all beaten.  Hands down.  Sorry guys.  Their Chocolate twist pastries are also divine.

Secondly; Despite potholes, I’d almost forgotten how much more fun it is to drive a car (Even a Diesel) with a manual gearbox.  Even if the roads are seriously crowded.

The jet lag is fading, and I’m beginning to feel a lot more human.