Happy Birthday #WritersBlock

It’s almost my birthday, which I always find mildly depressing.  Yeah, yeah, another year, another milepost, another reminder that Tempus is well and truly Fugiting.  Meh

I take heart that I share my natal day with a number of more luminescent luminaries.  Walter Schirra, Astronaut.  Liza Minelli, Actress and Dancer. Jack Kerouac, Writer.  Marlon Jackson of the Jackson 5, Singer.

One thing I’d forgotten was that I almost share a birthday with the late, great Douglas Adams, creator of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  By one day.  Which makes me want to go all Marvin the Paranoid Android. 

“Birthdays.  Don’t talk to me about Birthdays.”

“I hope you know I’m feeling very depressed.”

“Not getting you down am I?”

Happy Birthday and RIP Douglas Adams, whose original radio show lightened many a dull college revision session.