Norovirus; an unpleasant experience #norovirus

Half past ten. Think I’ve contracted a bout of the Norovirus bug that’s going around. Have just spent an intensely unpleasant three hours trying not to trip over the dog during repeated dashes to the bathroom.

Had been feeling mildly nauseous and vaguely out of sorts since about eight. The diarrhea kicked in about half past eight without any fever or noticeable aches and pains. Projectile (First time since I was about seventeen and very, very drunk indeed) vomiting began after the main bout of diarrhea came to a halt; following a mild case of stomach cramps like there was an elastic band around my stomach. Bout of vomiting came to an end with a sudden hot flush which passed within ten or fifteen minutes. Slightly gassy stomach in the aftermath. Pulse is thundering a little, but nothing dangerous, less than 110 and decreasing. Cramps have settled into the sensation of having a tightly knotted rope digging into my midriff.

Outlook is windy with occasional downpours.

Fortunately Angie and I have a bathroom each, which is just as well because mine now stinks despite air freshener, a shower, and a scrub down with disinfectant. Have taken the precaution of leaving a book and my reading glasses in there, because I have the feeling this is going to be a very long night.

Update: Six thirty am. Bad night with little sleep and multiple episodes. Angie has it too, so that’s both of us out of action.