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Still no word from Harper Vector, not even a “No thank you.” for Heads of the Beast, the first of my Cerberus Conspiracy novels. After two months I’m inclined to think that if they were interested they’d have been in touch before now, so I’m making preparations for my own eBook launch. Some of the base MSS formatting needs a little tweaking, and I’m in the process of editing the original MSS to suit. The cover art idea is good and quite distinctive, so I’ll run it past my in house critic and see what she thinks. Because it will be an eBook to start with, I’ll try the iBookstore and Amazon route at something like $2.50, seeing as Amazon is apparently about to kick out a whole lot of 99 cent titles. Two dollars fifty for seventy thousand words seems pretty fair. I may even earn a few pennies if people like it enough.

There’s the Metadata issue of course, and I’m paying particular attention to that. The collar and cuffs will match, and hopefully I won’t be reduced to tearing out what’s left of my hair like last time. All the document headings are consistent, and I’m not going to try and get tricksy with chapter headings like I’ve done with ‘Stars’.

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