Four thousand word a day challenge: day eleven

Still playing catch up with Cerberus after the near disastrous ‘stutter’ the other day when output dipped to just over 2300. However, I’ve picked up the pace, and through sheer force of will and pig ignorance have boosted my work rate to back over 4000 words a day since then. This includes what I’m beginning to call the great typo hunt, because as I get tired my fingers stumble over the old Qwerty and leave some weird and wonderful combinations of letters hidden within each chapter. First task of each day is proofing the previous days output to try and fix the most garish errors.

Still; Yesterday I began at 55640, finished at 59971, which gave a daily total of 4331, and a running average back up at a shade over 3963 words per day. This is including doing day job shifts which are a little longer than evenings and weekends, and therefore shave an extra hour or so off prime keyboard time.

Story is shifting towards the final section, where my hero confronts some of his worst fears and overcomes them. Trying to keep any possible readers guessing by throwing in the odd clue, but keeping the narrative cracking along. Four days to go before I pitch into story edit and checking prior to formatting for submission to Harper Vector. After that I’m going to sleep for a week.

Kenn Joubert, a neighbour of mine who writes historical novels, has asked me if I’ll keep him company to the evening sales event at the Surrey International Book fair 20th October. Just so we can get some product out there in the flesh and blood marketplace. I’ve emailed to register, and am waiting for a reply. Have also tried to register for Fan Expo in April 2013, but no word on that yet.