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RIP Harry Harrison

Some very nice people indeed

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Not a good piece of news this morning. Another of the Science Fiction pantheon has passed from our midst. I grew up reading Harry’s work, and about the only thing of his I never read was “Make room, make room!”

I still love his short stories; especially a quirky little novel (Although all of Harry’s work could be described thus) ‘The Technicolour time machine‘ which I read until my paperback copy fell apart. Such was the fate of most of his work at my hands. The ‘Deathworld’ series, just about every compilation of his short stories I could buy, and of course the stories of James Bolivar DiGriz – The Stainless Steel Rat.

Harry will probably end up with a big fancy tombstone somewhere, but his real marker will be the very, very funny body of work he leaves behind.

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