No Aurora watch tonight, although there’s a report that we may see a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun big enough for some serious Aurora watching by the 27th July.  Another X class.  Not a Carrington event, but big enough.

I’ve been occupied today trying to put together a promotional video to put up on this site.  It’s not as easy as it looks.  I used up two sets of batteries in my camera, and although the definition was great I’m afraid my performances weren’t and now I’ve lost daylight.  The upside is that I now have a workable script that comes out at a comfortable three minutes and thirty seconds.  A shade under four minutes with title and adverts.

Needless to say, there will be no video online for the next day or so.  

Strange how I write far more cogently and fluently than I speak.  Maybe I spend so much time behind a keyboard that I’ve lost my gift of the blarney.