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A keen deep sea fisherman and motorcyclist, Martyn first trained as an Electrical Engineer, then fulfilled various roles within the computing industry such as 2nd / 3rd line support and Technical Writing. Since 1978 he has written and had published a wide variety of work; from Motorcycle related articles to Technical notes and user instructions, Internet related PR copy in trade magazines, supernatural short stories and the occasional satirical article.

See ‘published works‘ page for fictional material currently in print.

Studied Acting in the late 1980’s. Has hunted shark, ridden motorcycles all over the UK and Europe, been the owner / manager of a small company, driven a cab, worked as a Warehouse manager, Electrical installer, Coffee bar porter at Butlins, Student Nurse, Air conditioning fitter, Farm worker, Van & Truck driver, Telemarketer, Marketing Executive, IT Support, IT Contractor, Traffic Warden, gone broke, been an Emergency phone responder, written reams of comic doggerel, produced technical documentation for a number of multinational companies, writing sales and other content for a number of others.

Married Angela May 2002 and emigrated to Canada from the UK in July 2007.  Became a Canadian Citizen 1st December 2014.  Lives and works out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Now branching out as a science fiction author.

Active Memberships;
Society for Technical Communication

Interests and hobbies: (Not necessarily in this order)
Sea fishing. Largest catch a 110lb Blue Shark (Prionace Glauca) August 1994
Archery. Medal winner at county level (1987 Warwickshire Indoor Championships) Occasional member of local fish & game club.

Guitar. Currently owns a Fender Strat copy
Motorcycling, has extensively toured the UK and mainland Europe on two wheels.
Other hobbies and interests include, weight training, Judo, occasionally firing antique 6 pounder cannons, and a little bit of Zen.

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